VBS Consult AS

VBS Consult Services

VBS Consult offers consulting services and consultants within the areas of HSE, QA and commissioning.

We have extensive experience in the oil and gas industry, processing plants, traditional land-based industries including construction, for private and public services.

VBS Consult operates both nationally and globally including offshore.

VBS Consult AS achieves results and creates value by maintaining high ethical awareness and integrity. We make a great effort to ensure that our deliveries are made according to the quality, price and time agreed with our customers. VBS Consult has over the years gained a reputation in the industry that we are competent, efficient and trustworthy. This has been achieved through a focus on professional integrity.

Our consultants have wide backgrounds, experience and solid knowledge in their disciplines. Our expertise is the customers confidence and it is of great importance to us to find the right consultant for the particular assignment.