VBS Consult AS

About VBS Consult AS

VBS Consult specializes in consultancy services within the areas of Quality Assurance, HSE, Security, Commissioning and Process.

We supply our clients with highly qualified and dedicated consultants. We aim to provide our clients within the oil and gas industry, processing plants, traditional land-based industries including construction, the best available consultants. Continuous development and improvement has given us a position among the best in the industry. We always work closely with our customers to provide customized advice to improve work performance and ultimately a profitable investment.

VBS Consult operates both nationwide and worldwide and both onshore and offshore. Our head office is located in Skudeneshavn.


VBS Consult AS was founded in 1997  under the name Vest Byggsikring. In 2004, the company became a Limited Company and changed later the name to VBS Consult AS. The company  has earned a very good reputation within our profession.