VBS Consult


As an employee at VBS Consult you are insured beyond the requirement of the Norwegian law. We have expanded occupational injury insurance, which means that the insurance also applies during your travel time to / from work. In addition, the insurance covers illness and injury outside of work hours.

“Super” health insurance means that if you become ill or injured you will get treated in private healthcare and If guarantees processing within 14 working days of requisition from your doctor. With health insurance in If you will get:

• Operation on private hospitals

• Treatment by a specialist (including cancer)

• Treatment by a chiropractor, physiotherapist and psychologist

• New medical assessment of new specialist (“second opinion”)

• Aftercare and rehabilitation

• Advice and guidance throughout the treatment period

The insurance also covers travel and accommodation for those who need treatment, and by larger operations even for a companion.

Free medical advice service around the clock.

With reservations for errors in the text above, referation is made to the insurance documents.