VBS Consult AS

A project is coming to an end

PDS Protek has in alliance with Skude Industri AS a framework agreement with Statoil Petroleum for the delivery of services in test missions, maintenance, studies, and modification work on the K-Lab.

K-lab is a large-scale test facility for the qualification of process equipment used in hydrocarbon production and transport, and is considered an essential piece in Statoil’s ambitions rapid implementation of new technologies.

Commencement of the contract was in August 2013, and it is now in the final stages of one of the major deliverables of this contract – installation and testing of GE compressor and Seal Gas Conditioner Skid. It began with a feasibility study in August 2013, and the work in the field began in 2015.

2016-10-13 14.35.46

Roy Sigve has assisted our customer in the project from the early beginning.

VBS Consult has assisted alliance with expertise in HSE and technical construction management since its inception. It really has been fun and rewarding to be allowed to be involved in this project right from the study and to the soon finished project.

VBS Consult and VBS Group thank Skude Industri AS for the confidence and look forward to further good cooperation on new projects.

The project is now entering into a commissioning phase, and it is estimated that one have finished commissioning before the end of the year. So there is still a bit to do on the project therefore we still have the pleasure of being involved even a little while longer.