VBS Consult

CV is short for Curriculum Vitae, which means “a brief description of own career”

The CV shall describe your work experience and education, and more precisely what you have done, and have learned so far. To become one of the candidates who are selected for interview, it is important to have a good resume that stands out in the crowd. The CV should be neat and well arranged. The length should be a maximum of two pages. Education and work experience should be listed with the most recent first.

The information in your CV must be accurate.  Background screening gets more common amoung our clients.  They detect deviation in 25% of the screened CV’s.


Subject, name and level of your education must be included. Enter institution and when the education commenced and ended.

Work experience and practice

Employer and job title. Register the time/dates you worked there, key words of duties and responsibilities.

Courses and Certificates

List all courses and certificates wiht commencement- and end- date in addition to educational institution.

Registration CV

When you log in to our CV database, you can register and update the CV. Remember to add references in the field under “Practice”. Our customers wants at least two references to contact.